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Austin Team

Location: Austin, Texas
Focus: Families & Family Offices
Clients: ~30
Team: Adam Hull and Adam Reinking
Former Role: Owned equity in prior firm

Q: How did your team come together?

By birth and adoption. I brought my sons Adam and Drew in to the business. And we pretty much adopted “Hullsie” (Adam Hull) a few years back. – Mark Reinking

Q: Why did you become advisors?

We are passionate about helping people. Being an advisor allows us to have purpose. – Adam Hull

Q: Why leave your last firm?

They are a great group. Ultimately, we found ourselves in a position to help more sophisticated families. And we needed more tools in the toolset. – Adam Reinking

Q: Does AdvicePeriod have the tools you need?

Yes! We now have the experience and skillset to do more for our clients and work collaboratively with several large family offices. We never could have done that before. – Adam Reinking

Q: You had equity in your last firm, why give it up?

We had an honest difference of opinion on where the business should go. Looking back, making this move was an easy call. We now own 100% of our business and can deliver the client experience we want. - Drew Reinking

Q: How did the conversation go with your former partners?

We had a direct and open conversation about what we needed to do for our clients. It was very amicable. – Adam Reinking

Q: Did your entire team make the move with you?

AdvicePeriod does so much for us in the back and middle offices, we were able to slim down from 6 to 4 people. – Adam Hull

Q: How did clients respond to the transition?

We made this move for our clients. When we explained that to them, they got it immediately. – Mark Reinking

Q: Advice for advisors considering AdvicePeriod?

Figure out what you want to spend your time on. If you want more time with clients, we might be right for you. – Drew Reinking

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