Advisors, we're looking for you.

Plug your business into our digital platform to earn 70% of client revenue and enjoy full mobility — all while building a valuable asset that you own. Period.


Our Approach

We deliver a comprehensive solution that enriches all aspects of your practice — from brand consulting and business development to technology tools and operational resources. Join AdvicePeriod for Advisors and achieve your goals of Growth, Ownership, and Simplicity.




Set and exceed your goals.

Growing a client base can be one of the biggest challenges a wealth advisor will face. And, in today’s increasingly crowded marketplace, it’s even more difficult without the proper resources and reputation. With AdvicePeriod you can be confident that you are delivering a cutting edge experience with a team that’s been recognized again and again as industry leaders.




Take control of your business.

We believe in the dream of owning your own business and having the flexibility to work for yourself. With AdvicePeriod, you’ll be able to take back ownership of what matters most, and delegate what doesn’t. Partners with AdvicePeriod own their book of business and enjoy complete financial control.







Focus on what really matters.

Plug in to our integrated technology stack, hand-selected to optimize every aspect of your practice. A partnership with AdvicePeriod means having instant access to the best tools in the industry, with a dedicated transition team to help onboard your clients. Our end-to-end solution allows you to minimize human operational resources so you can focus on what's really important – spending time with your clients.





A History of Innovation 

Our firm has a history steeped in pioneering wealth management, developing many of the services and practices that are the industry’s gold standard. AdvicePeriod For Advisors is only the latest milestone in a long history of innovation.

  • 1989

    Family Office Launched

  • 1994

    RIA launched (new concept, we were one of the first)

  • 1998

    Advising on over $1B

  • 2003

    Fortigent Launched

  • 2007

    Convergent Wealth Advisors and Fortigent are separated and sold

  • 2011

    Ranked #1 Nationally by Barron's*

  • 2014

    AdvicePeriod launched

  • 2015

    Betterment Institutional Launched

  • 2016

    AP for Advisors launched

    AdvicePeriod recognized as The #1 place to work in LA by the Los Angeles Business Journal

    AdvicePeriod opens office in Irvine, CA

    AdvicePeriod opens office in San Mateo, CA

  • 2017

    AdvicePeriod recognized as the best wealth management company by FINTECH Breakthrough

    AdvicePeriod opens office in Austin, TX

    AdvicePeriod opens office in Great Neck, NY

    AdvicePeriod opens office in Mason, OH

    AdvicePeriod opens office in Seattle, WA

    AdvicePeriod opens office in Providence, RI

  • 2018

    AdvicePeriod recognized as one of Inc. magazine's Best Workplaces for 2018

    AdvicePeriod recognized as one of the fastest growing RIA's based on AUM

    AdvicePeriod opens office in Chesterfield, MO

    AdvicePeriod opens office in Virginia Beach, VA

    AdvicePeriod opens office in Alpharetta, GA

    AdvicePeriod opens office in San Diego, CA

    AdvicePeriod opens office Plover, WI